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I remember years when I had big dreams and ambitions for my life. There was once a time where I craved more from life and pursued it with a relentless passion.

Then you get older, and you find yourself somehow taking longer to go through the moments. You find yourself appreciating how good it feels to sleep in, accomplish things, work out, speak with loved ones and brush your teeth.

When I was a child, a lot of my life seemed to happen for me, with or without my explicit permission or desire to participate. Each moment seemed to pass by as if I were a passenger on a train. Somewhere in my adult life, I realized I was now in charge of how I spent my time, and responsible for how I spent life’s precious moments.

This year, I’ve felt the need to have a rebirth. Both into and from within myself. Who I am feels like it’s pulling closer to who I’ve dreamed of being – but didn’t know the way to make it happen. Now, I see the vision and dream have a staircase leading to a ladder leading to a mountain.

I’ve had a lot of comebacks in my life, as well as accomplishments to learn from. One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned in my 33 years in orbit is the value of people, and maintaining a strong network of peers, friends, mentors and support.

Every body needs some body. And everybody needs somebody. To think you’re an island is a fallacy.

Whenever I find myself going through a battle, it’s rare to find a majority of my own network isn’t going through some hell of their own. We truly are in this whole ‘life’ thing together, and there’s a reason I feel connected to the people around me. It’s so we can grow, learn from observing each other and ultimately bring this universe closer together.

“You are the universe understanding and getting to know itself, as itself.”

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