While I was in Ohio, my brother and I drove drove to a shopping center we had been to hundreds of times during our childhood. Pulling into the parking lot, we reached into our pockets and pulled out our phones to do the routine social network checkup. Simultaneously, we looked up and realized a very large apartment building had been built right in front of us in the former K-Mart parking lot. We couldn’t help but laugh at how shocking it was to see an entire building we had no idea existed. Sometimes that’s how life works.

When you work from home, it can be very easy to feel as if you are alone. Recently, I’ve had a ‘building’ paradigm shift with this concept. Sometimes we have our heads so far up our own posteriors that we don’t see the forest for the trees…or just how many people are truly around us that love, support and deeply care for us. It made a really big impression on me when one of the orthodontists of one of my clients pulled me aside to ask how I was doing. He knew I have been going through a few rough months and it meant a lot to see that even my clients see me as more than a vendor.

Sometimes we put others in boxes and try to label them. Friend. Client. Employee. Neighbor. Business partner.  Waiter. Housekeeper. As I’m getting older, it has been dawning on me that when we mentally remove these people from the labels we put on them, we free ourselves to new opportunities within those particular relationships that we might not have found otherwise.

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