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It’s another one of those times where it feels like life is somehow slipping through my fingers and I cannot begin to grasp it. Reminded, yet again, of how quickly things can happen and change in just a short period of time. Tender love turns to harsh loathing. Tears of laughter flow freely as reminders […]

“I often find myself drifting back into that world I can no longer find. Shutting out today’s invading clamor, I return to the fields of crickets along the railroad tracks of my youth. The great trains enter and leave as if on stage, storming through their roles and departing. Every train has its own character, […]

The greatest tragedy is not that the mighty have fallen, but that there rise no others to take their place. That thought struck me as I sat down this morning, thinking of the current state of our generation, religion, and sad excuse of the pursuit we claim to have for love. In Revelation, we are […]

…it was a very good year. Looking back at the events that have led me to be where I’m at, it would be ridiculous for me to complain about the few, and far between, circumstances that I haven’t found to be pleasant. For the first time in quite a few years, I’m learning the value […]

Never let anybody live your life for you. Should they try, it is fair warning to see they have failed to live their own life and have now tried to move on to yours. Avoid immediately. Sitting here, it never ceases to amaze me that two family members can sit in the same room, separated […]

There have been several moments in my life where it has felt as if I cannot grasp the moment; the feeling that life is screaming past you, with the only hope/want that you can claw your way into it and somehow slow it down, even if for just a moment. Now is such a time. […]

This afternoon, I had the rare pleasure of sitting down to read portions of my grandfather’s book, The Empty Hourglass, which chronicled his life. No, it cannot be found on Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble, nor should it be found. Some things are best kept within the small circle of family. Every family ought to […]

This world seems to exist at the mercy of an unseen “they”. “They” say what is good for you, bad for you, heart healthy, cholesterol busting, sex enhancing, personality developing, and other aspects of life that never seem to agree with each other. One day, they say coffee is good for you. The next, coffee […]

As I write this, there is something in my heart that shouts for joy as realizations of a long hunt for truth are beginning to become apparent. It has been quite the journey. In order to find the truth, one must be able to accept the fact that their current thoughts, beliefs, and state of […]

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