Maybe we’ll wake up someday and realize that we aren’t who we thought we were. Perhaps we will see we weren’t made of the stuff we thought we were. And maybe we’ll realize everything we ever thought was actually quite wrong. Even the idea of a revelation of this nature is enough to make even the most confident individual break a cold sweat. This is for another time.

Glory. Stepping into a realm previously untouched, you discover it is quite possible to do what you once thought to be not possible. Or improbable, to be fair. Life’s not fair. Not possible. And then you do something crazy that changes everything you once thought. This afternoon, I had a moment like this. Stepping to the bench press to press 315lb, I turned up the music (Chimaira – The Disappearing Sun) and sharpened my mind for the task. After getting one rep, something snapped that said “go for glory” and I pressed out two more strong reps. The act itself was not as significant as the principle behind it; putting the mind to work can be a very powerful notion. Never be too timid to do so and see what results the fruit of your labor may yield.

Go for glory. Leave your blood on the field and have no regrets of not trying your hardest. Give life your all. Press towards the finish line with certainty in your step. Dare to dream the impossible. Dare further to accomplish it. Slay your lions and bears, then go kill a giant.

Take a leap.

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