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“The mind is its own place, and in itself, can make a Heaven out of Hell, a Hell of Heaven.” When I first read that quote, it stuck out to me because I immediately thought of numerous encounters where it proved itself to be true/applicable. Looking back at the period of time I was in […]

Listening to music with a pair of sub-par headphones, I’m keenly aware of what I’m missing out on, as I understand the quality behind a pair of top-of-the-line headphones. Unfortunately, that’s neither here nor there, as Mark left his favorite pair of headphones on an airplane, and my primary pair of headphones decided to poop […]

When a child trips and falls, it is the pleasure of the father to help his child back on his/her feet. As the child again falls, tears flow freely; not from pain, but from frustration at falling again. The father once again reached a hand out to pick up the child, to the fathers delight. […]

There have been a lot of questions going through my mind. And I am beginning to wonder what the purpose behind asking them has been. When one trains, it’s completely pointless to have a difficult workout and then never again return to the gym. Should I be mentally floundering, I recognize the fact that I […]

“What happens if your life goal is to be a gardener, but plants die simply by you looking at them?” It’s a tough question, friend. The want to do something does not necessarily grant the entitlement to such goals. It’s the work one is willing to put forth towards these goals, paired with ones talent, […]

I was fortunate enough to have received a copy of a book titled “In A Pit With A Lion On A Snowy Day” by my brother, Tyler. Yes, it’s a very long title for a book. However, the title comes through the book as a constant theme of taking life by the horns and creating […]

On a recent trip, I decided to re-watch the film “300” for motivational purposes. Just like a good book, a good film will provide you with a new insight when you take the time to watch it for a second, third, or twenty-seventh time. What I picked up from the film was the quote where […]

Day one begins with the Sabbath. It’s nice to finally have a day off where I can rest, recuperate, and energize myself for the upcoming week. No excuses – Just results. This past week, I asked the high school bible study a very important question: “What do you want from life?” After receiving a response, […]

Every great hero goes through trials that test their inner mettle. Precious metal becomes more valuable after going through the fire. Inner mettle becomes stronger through repeated victories, and failures, that present themselves along this treacherous path of life we walk. Pressure makes the diamond, champ. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been walking through […]

If there were a motto for our generation, which I’ve fondly dubbed “Generation A.D.D”, I think it would be “My God is bigger than your god.” My god is bigger than your god. My god is bigger. My god is… My god. What have we become? We are the cookies who have jumped out of […]

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