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One of things I’ll always remember about my father was the note he had written on his desk, that said: “The only cure for a dirty mind is a clean desk.” As I’ve begun to walk in similar career steps as him, it’s been a constant reminder of how easy it is to get sidetracked and mentally derailed by small things. If I’m going to sit down and have a serious session of work, my pre-flight ritual involves a thorough apartment cleaning, desk organization, and a will to accomplish the task of the day.

One of the things I try very hard to do is to hunt out the new, undiscovered, and uncommon. Part of it is the thrill of the kill, while the other is the ‘ah ha’ moment that comes when finding something new that has the ability to impact my life.

As a child, the tag on the collar of shirts would absolutely drive me crazy. Nearly all of my shirts had the tags removed, or a hole in the neck from where I ripped it out. Over the past few years, I’ve tolerated a lot of ‘tags’ in my life, to the point where I forgot what it was like to live without them. Sometimes you be surrounded by a crowd of people and still feel completely isolated because it feels as if there is a language barrier.

I know some people who were born in the wrong century for their profession. I know somebody who would have ruled the world if they had been born in the budding industrial age, rather than the age of the internet.

Looking ahead, it would appear the world is opening up to new and exciting innovations that do more to excite me than anything I’ve ever experienced. Sometimes the stars seem to align. In this case, it feels as if the universe is providing an opportunity that I couldn’t live with myself if I shirked my responsibility to stand to the plate .

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