America is dubbed “The Land of Opportunity” but I would assert it is simply a land with lots of opportunity, as the spirit behind opportunity and success is becoming a fading reality in this nation.

I recently downloaded “iTunes U” for my iPhone, and was overwhelmed by the incredible opportunity being held in my hands. Ivy League Schools are now offering many of their courses, lectures, and guest speaker lectures available for free viewing to anybody who cares to watch. The implications behind this are absolutely groundbreaking.

After a brutal leg workout (a combined weight of over 50,000 pounds), I returned to my apartment and stretched out on the floor to watch an hour-long lecture from MIT Sloan School of Management. There must have been 50-75 MBA students in the lecture hall, and me; watching through a small screen on my iPhone. I felt as if the walls of a sacred hall had been knocked down, allowing me the opportunity to step inside a place I never could have imagined myself.

And, watching that lecture, I began to realize that I, too, could be sitting in those seats as an enrolled MBA student. The realization of its possibility sparked the intense desire to study and graduate from a top tier business school for an MBA program.

I don’t know the path to do so, but I am determined to polish and improve myself to the point where I can someday apply to schools of that caliber.

With tutoring sessions available on all major electronic platforms, we no longer have any excuse for a half-lived life, repeated failed opportunities, or a life of complacency.

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