Hollow moments of happiness filled with the chasing hands of time; eternally looping in a frantic chase to outpace and lap the other. A tireless circle that will never reach conclusion until the death of the battery. So far removed from loved ones and fond memories they begin to fade as a distant memory. The growing question of reality begins to fill the screen horizon. The apparent oddities are now not so apparent. You really start to understand how abuse can turn into a lifestyle of acceptance. The ever-critical gaze of the mirror points to the growing bags underneath your eyes and reminds you not all new things are good. Transition. Flash. Blink. Wake up. All of the animosity and finger-pointing now directed at one man if he is man enough to show his face in the mirror. 

The proverbial “they” claim that it’s never too late to start your life over and accomplish your dreams. I disagree. Every single one of us reaches a tipping point – or point of no return – where I believe our lives can truly launch or be permanently grounded. It’s the critical moment where one decides whether or not to take their airplane’s flapping wings back to the drawing board or finally try a new concept of aerodynamic wings; continued efforts and resilience will never take the original design off the ground. 

I have to remind myself that not every hallway in life will appear the same. The moments I look back on are in the past and can never be repeated, nor should they detract the present moments from having value. There’s a part of me that wants, more than anything, to wake up back to the moments where life was simpler.

“What do you want to do today?”

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