It’s been nearly (if not more) three weeks since my server was hit by a very malicious attack that took down my entire site list. However, that mess is nearly complete and is finally back and live. No loss of files.

Funny how typing “featured image from…” feels a bit like a familiar place.

The past few weeks have given me a lot of time to think in a different manner than I’m normally used to. Contemplating. Reflecting. Looking forward at the future and what it holds. I’ve been doing this for years, but it’s felt much different this time as I’m preparing to make some significant changes in my life.

When you take the time to analyze yourself – and I mean really analyze yourself – you learn a lot about your character, limitations, as well as the type(s) of people you need to have in your life to optimize who you are as a person. As I’ve been plotting the future and asking myself what kind of man, father, businessman, husband, son, and brother that I want to be – it’s becoming very clear and apparent to me what changes I need to make within myself.

Unless one desires to be the eternal bachelor, there comes a time when a young man feels the strong desire to exchange his wild days for those of more significance; investing quality time into those you love, rather than cashing in every second to serve nobody but yourself. A father who hasn’t made the intentional decision to love his children, be faithful to his wife, and enthusiastically embrace this new lifestyle can never fill the shoes required to be a good father.

“The solution to your problems is often found in the circumstances/symptoms leading to them.”

Even as a consultant, I’ve done little more than create a job situation where my day-to-day schedule is dictated by others who sign my checks, rather than creating a business that works for me while I sleep.

Given new opportunities to have a fresh start and have ownership in the fruits of my labor, I’m reignited and enthused to begin building foundational elements in my business life that will be used to build the life I want to lead and fully own. There’s a fresh desire to get back into the mode of work I used to have where I would sacrifice time, money, and sleep in order to have the opportunity to create something I could truly own.

The fire under my tush has never been stronger to create, work, and spark the fire behind an exceptional life full of love, laughter, new experience, and the implementation of my mindset into the projects I’m involved with.

Passion, baby. Let it burn.

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