A mother’s love

“A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity. It dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path.”

In December, I had the opportunity to chat with a coworker about the experience she has had while raising a son with severe disabilities. I expected her to have more to say about difficulties and trials. Instead, she gushed about the joy and happiness her son, Bryce, has brought to her life.

She spoke from the heart with such conviction that it gave me something to think about for several weeks. The debate of having children had been heavy on my mind that year, and the love in her voice gave me a feeling of closure and confidence in the desire to have a family – no matter the difficulty.

Earlier in the year, I saw her post on Facebook about a bicycle and how it was her ‘only wish’ for 2018. It was a specialty bicycle that would allow her to ride with Bryce, who is confined to a wheelchair.

Immediately, I knew there existed an opportunity to show love and support to a coworker who so richly deserved a helping hand, so I started a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for the bike.

To help introduce the campaign, I asked Sara to write a short letter that would introduce you to her son and show you a little sliver of the beautiful heart she has for her family.

From Sara:

Hello everybody! I would like you to meet my son, Bryce, who was born with Spastic Quadriplegia Cerebral Palsy. As a result, he is 15 years old, but operates with the mental capacity of somebody who is four years old.

This is why I always feel like he is simply “my baby”.

Recently, we just got through his 8th surgery, to remove his right hip ball and 3 inches of his femur. He has several back surgeries in the future, as well.

Bryce is 100% dependent on me to care for him. He cannot crawl, walk, feed himself, etc. If he feels pain, he cannot tell us exactly what hurts.

Bryce has a limited vocabulary, but has a unique way of communicating his needs to those who care for him.

Bryce loves movement, whether it involves riding in his car seat on a pontoon boat, golf cart or wagon.

When I first saw this bike, I knew it would be an incredible opportunity for Bryce to get outside and enjoy freedom. The bike will provide time for Bryce and I to enjoy the outdoors without the struggle of using a wheelchair.

Bryce loves the wind, rain and snow as it hits his face, he just giggles away. I know he would enjoy riding with me in the bike.

I love all 4 of my kids, equally, as they all have their own unique aspects. But this boy, he adds a special sparkle to the world and has a special place in my heart.

I posted about this bicycle on Facebook and my coworker, Aaron Plaat, decided to start a Gofundme campaign to raise funds for the bike.

It would mean the world to me to ride outside with Bryce and let him experience the joy of riding a bicycle with his family.

I have no words to express my gratitude for your generosity.

Sara Jo

Click here to support “Let’s buy a bike for Bryce and Sara” on Gofundme

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