Your Vampire

Survival is not the same as living. I don’t know many people are living. However, there are a few. Thinning the chaff out of our lives is something that must be done – no matter how painful – if we are to grow and effectively love others around us in a better way. When love is given out of free choice, rather than habitual obligation, it really begins to mean something. “When you’re taught to love everybody, including your enemies, what kind of value does that teach you to have for love?” Marilyn Manson might be on to something with that quote.

The biggest crime we can ever commit is make G-d into our own image; feeling we can somehow control, understand, manage, and comprehend the Creator. Lessor crimes involve making gods out of that which is not G-d. Even wonderful things, such as love, logic, and the human mind, can be made into graven idols and worshiped. We silly cookies try and understand the chef, while fighting with each other over who is made of the best batter. G-d is either a loving Creator or a cruel and sadistic being, which I do not believe to be the case.

Life is a beautiful thing. Even when things aren’t going the way I’d like them to, or the way I had hoped them to go, I cannot help but surrender myself to the wonderful – abeit broken – world that the Creator made for us, whilst feeling completely undeserving of the very pulse I have. And yet, I am thankful beyond measure. Thankful at zero. Humbled at provision. Eternally grateful.

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