Modern schooling has trained us to view our individual progress as a vertical score; A-F at any given time. This mind set is something we tend to carry in other areas of our lives; grading ourselves with semi-permanent ‘scores’ that often pull us down into depression, instead of giving us an optimistic outlook about our future.

A school, located in one of the lowest-scoring district in America, decided to grade its students on a Pass:Yet scale; grading what used to be a failing grade as “Yet” in order to show the student they weren’t ready to pass…yet.

“Yet” shows us that we are not out of reach from our goals, but on track to receive them. Instead of seeing parts of our lives as “F” material, we ought to change our mantra to believe that we simply aren’t there…yet.

“Yet” allows you to value and treasure your present – instead of viewing it as a failing grade. It shows proper respect and acknowledgement that all of us are on a fluid journey, capable of steering the course of our lives.

“Yet” allows you to see others around you as works-in-progress – similar to the grace and acceptance one might want to receive from others.

Those kids in the under-privileged, uneducated district? After a very short time in the “Yet” grading system, their test scores raised to the same level of the top districts in America – living in one of the wealthiest areas of our country.

You have potential. You are valuable. You are rare. You are beautiful. You are exceptional.

You are exactly where you need to be at this moment in time.

Every perfect diamond was once a piece of coal. Sometimes it just takes a little bit of time, pressure, hard work, and the loving touch of somebody who sees sparkles of light where others only see darkness.

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