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Home is where the heart is. I’ve never seen this statement to be truer than in the past few weeks as I’ve traveled to LA, OH, and NYC. Having lived in all three places, there was a part of me that was uncertain if I’d ever return to these places permanently; leaving my current hometown of Dallas, TX.

I’m comfortable to stay in TX and make a life here. Granted, I’m learning its nice to take weekend trips to different cities to get a small taste of their culture and lifestyle.

This year has been full of changes and transitions. Ending some journeys and beginning others, every day has been full of new challenges and experiences.

What has changed the most is my personal happiness. One should never sacrifice their own happiness for the sake of a job, religion, relationship, or otherwise. I made a poor habit of putting my own time, happiness, and life on the proverbial altar for the sake of others…a crime in the book of Ayn Rand. No longer.

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