They Say

This world seems to exist at the mercy of an unseen “they”. “They” say what is good for you, bad for you, heart healthy, cholesterol busting, sex enhancing, personality developing, and other aspects of life that never seem to agree with each other. One day, they say coffee is good for you. The next, coffee causes cancer. The week after, coffee is the unseen cure for heart attacks. A month later, coffee is the hidden natural version of Viagra. They. They. They.

They. Have. Driven. Me. Crazy.

They say this is good for you. They say this is bad for you. They say it’s best to do this. They say to avoid this. Who the hell are these people, and why in the world should I even consider listening to them?

I say life is about experiencing things. This is not to say that the wisdom of others is to be avoided. However, it seems as if everything we do is somehow restricted by this hidden boardroom of “they”. What masters of the universe are these mysterious people?

If I ever find a they, I will force them to drink a cup of coffee, in order that they might ward off a heart attack. I’ll then make them vomit it up, so they can avoid the cancer caused by the coffee. I’ll then require them to dispose of their vomit so it does not harm the environment. They must use environmentally friendly cleaning products, because they say otherwise will harm the environment. The list goes on.

My mind has no peace. There is none to be gained. Raised on beliefs that I am now questioning. Looking at the deep roots of faith, eternity, and man’s relationship with G-d, I begin to realize just how much of my life has been spent worshiping the church, rather than the creator. All doctrines, creeds, and beliefs must be put to the test. Who were the “they” that penned them? Are their hands free of blood? Are the very creeds I claim to follow, responsible for the death of many others in previous millennia? My heart is not at peace.

The more I know, the more I know how much I don’t know.

They can burn in the hell they created.

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