The hug

When was the last time you hugged your friends?

I’m reminded of a question found in Opa’s book; “have you hugged your grandparents lately?” he asked, at the start of one of the chapters. He went on to explain how much love and appreciation a single hug can have when given to an individual with love.

Hugs are a very simple gesture to offer those you love. It’s a mutual creation, and enjoyment, of a shared sacred space between two individuals. Over the weekend, I shared a hug with a beautiful soul that lifted my spirit from a very dark place in a matter of moments.

As a millennial, it can be a bit frustrating to constantly wrestle with a changing world that makes it difficult to find your feet. Life can appear beautiful on the outside, with a maelstrom in the center of your soul.

It’s when we get in these dark places that the universe shines a gentle light, reminding us that we’re only inches away from being in a better place. This weekend, I found myself lifted out of a dark place by a simple gesture from a stranger.

The hug…

Midway through a typical night at The Great Northern, Azar walked up to me with somebody behind her. “Aaron, you need to hug this woman” she told me.

Behind Azar was a beautiful woman who looked at me with a smile. She reached up to give me an embrace and held me for what felt like a blissful eternity.

If I had to describe the moment in words, it would be a blend of the following:

Rapture. Joy. Release. Acceptance. Tenderness. Strength. Achievement. Fortitude. Grace. Mercy. Love. Belief. Sweetness. Purity. Universal. Beloved. Worthy. Lifted. Healing. Surrender.

All of these adjectives poured out in a single moment, so quickly it caught me by surprise. It was a reminder that no matter how far we’ve gone, we can come home with a single embrace. After the last few weeks of inner questioning, I found an instant reminder of how much the universe loves me. 

I spent a good portion of the weekend reflecting on this moment, because it was a reminder of the ability each of us have to heal those around us, no matter what darkness they’ve fallen into.

I’d encourage you to give your friends/family hugs. Real ones. The kind of hugs that connect, heart-to-heart, and lose yourself in the moment of embrace. It’s a simple gesture of sacred intimacy that costs nothing to give.

Embrace. Love. Heal.


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