Life reminds me of an hourglass; constantly draining away, one piece of sand at a time. Our life can be well-represented by the image of an individual trying to stand firmly on top of this pile of draining sand. Constant readjustment and correction is required simply to stand normally when you’re above a pit that’s draining constantly. Time. Time. Time.

I’ve spent a lot of my life looking to fill the ‘purpose’ of why I’m here with the answer for the question, or through means of distraction. I suppose there was a certain part of me that felt as if I were somehow not present (or conscious) to live and be accountable for my choices, that I’d somehow not be held liable for remaining inactive. Wrong. Time never ceases. I’m sitting in the same chair I finished Friday afternoon sitting on. Blink. It’s Monday.

People spend a fortune trying to amass a collection of self-help books that aim to help find potential and purpose. Peering down through the sands of the hourglass, I can look at the moments of life that were spent in harmony and connection with others, and realize these were the moments that my life came closest to feeling fulfilled. Love. I suppose we will someday be able to scientifically explain the experience. Until then, I’d prefer to deeply drink in its sweet lilac scent and get lost in the moments that feel they were meant to be eternal.

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