When I was a little boy, I remember shopping with my mother for seeds to plant in our family garden. These seeds came in small envelopes, with a picture of the plant/fruit/vegetable/flower on the front of the envelope. Holding one of the envelopes, I shook the package and listened to the small seeds rattle in their paper home; small reflections of what they might someday be with the proper time, care, and nurturing.

Love is a lot like these small packets of seeds. It requires time, attention, and love in order to transform small seeds into beautiful displays of life.

I often battle racing thoughts that ask me whether or not I’m ‘doing enough’ with my life. Comparison is the thief of joy.

When I find myself in the middle of these questions, I find peace by taking a walk through the proverbial ‘garden’ of love that’s been sown and invested in others. Instead of skyscrapers and other ‘accomplishments’ that will one day turn to dust, I stroll through a myriad of beautiful friendships, conversations with loved ones – or strangers  – and streams of laughter that gushes through time like a river.

If you ever find yourself questioning your life, or the love you’ve given to others, I would suggest you take time to remember that life is found in the small moments. A nugget of truth/integrity is worth infinitely more than a platinum-crusted diamond.

This morning, I found myself walking through the ‘garden’ of my relationships with others. It was a stroll through moments of laughter, love, friendship, strength, and peace. It was a reminder that riches aren’t found in bars of gold or diamonds, but in memories shared with the people you love deeply.

When you love, you give a bit of yourself to the recipient. Much like the small packets of seeds, your gifts of love can blossom into rich gardens, fertile forests, and sacred sanctuaries of friendship, love, and blissful moments of harmony that will live long beyond your time on earth when you nurture them with truth, respect, understanding, integrity, and compassion.

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