I could tell you of my adventures…

Life continues to provide a plethora of experiences I never thought I’d see in my lifetime. Pushing the limit, exploring new places, people, opportunities, heights, lows, depths and ideas. The power of the human mind is beyond marvelous; it’s the secret ingredient everybody has been looking for. And it’s right between your ears. Blink.

As I’m preparing to dive into a very long stretch of projects, I have to admit there’s a part of me that’s nervous with excitement. No matter how much you plan, a fireworks display will always surprise you with its final display. I think life operates in a similar sort of way; no matter how carefully we plan and execute, we can’t prepare for the stray rockets that flash across our skies. All we can do is enjoy them – and hope they don’t run into anything.

I think all of us create a life in our own image, to some extent. We paint this picture of our lives, based upon the things we fear, desire, are talented with, and so on and so forth. That’s the first time I’ve ever written “and so on and so forth” in my blog. I think there’s a certain beautiful thing about this part of our lives. Dogs look like their owners. Our lives do the same. My god, you are so very beautiful.

The opportunity to find beauty is everywhere within our lives. Every morning, I wake up to the cheerful greeting of my dog, Buddy, who is a reminder that every day ought to be greeted with a wagging tail.

When I was younger, my dad would share the value of mental clarity. He’d explain that even a short argument could take hours to mentally recover from in order to get back into ‘the zone’ he was in, prior to the argument. His words echo frequently in my mind, now that I am an adult.

There are always two sides to every pancake…

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