Remy and the Tattoo


In a small town not so far
Lived a little boy named Remy
He was only nine years old
But he wanted a tattoo, oh my!

Remy saw tattoos on TV
On his favorite stars and singers
He thought they looked so cool
And he dreamed of having one, like wings.

One day, he asked his mother
If he could get a tattoo too
But his mother wisely said
“Remy, you need to be a child, it’s true.”

Remy didn’t understand
Why he couldn’t have a tattoo
He saw other kids on social media
Getting tattoos, and he wanted one too.

His mother knew the dangers
Of making adult choices, too soon
So she stood her ground, firm and true
And said, “No, you must be a child, Remy, before you bloom.”

People on social media
Pressured her to change her mind
They told her that Remy was old enough
To make choices, and they were unkind.

They said, “Why hold him back?
Let him express himself with ink
Don’t be so old-fashioned
Let Remy’s creativity be free to think.”

But Remy’s mother was brave
She stood up for what she knew was right
She knew the importance of childhood
And the danger of making adult choices, too tight.

She explained to Remy
That childhood is a special time
Full of fun and adventure
And memories that will forever shine.

Remy learned a valuable lesson
That being a child is precious and rare
He had many more years to grow
And adult choices could wait, he was aware.

So he ran and played outside
Without a care in the world
Enjoying his childhood
Like a happy little boy, twirled.

In the end, Remy realized
That his mother was right all along
Childhood is a gift to cherish
And he didn’t need a tattoo to feel strong.

So let’s remember, dear friends
That childhood is a magical time
And we must let children grow
At their own pace, in their own rhyme.

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