Timmy and the Brain


In a land far away
Lived a boy named Timmy
Curious and bright
He explored the world’s mystery.

One day he wondered
About the brain so complex
He set out to create one
With just a piece of his skin, next.

Days turned into weeks
As he worked with all his might
But no matter what he tried
A new brain was out of sight.

Timmy grew tired
His obsession took over
He forgot to eat and sleep
His life was on hold forever.

Until his mother found him
And brought him back to earth
She explained the wonders of the brain
And the human body’s worth.

She told him how nature works
In ways that we can’t conceive
That it’s okay to explore and learn
But some things we can’t achieve.

Timmy listened and learned
And realized his mistake
He appreciated the human body
And the wonderful way it’s made.

From then on, he explored the world
With wonder and respect
Knowing that some things are beyond
What we can expect.

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