Once upon a time in a land far away
Two people set sail on a ship one day
The journey was long, across the vast ocean
But they had each other, with love and devotion.

As they sailed on, halfway through their quest
They saw an iceberg, named ‘disrespect’
The mom broke plates and got mad, screaming ‘deadbeat dad you’re next!’
Saying it was his fault, causing him shame.

The boat crashed into the iceberg, with a loud smash
And the crew had to act in a quick flash
They separated the family, putting them in different boats
Leaving the dad alone, with tears in his throat.

The mom and son were in one boat, drifting away
While the dad was left on the sinking ship to stay
The captain ordered him to jump in the water and push their boat ashore
Then swim back to the ship, so he could find his own oars

As he paddled back with his own strength and might
He knew he had to make things right.
He was motivated to be a great dad for his son
To show him love and never to run.

The father was reunited, with tears of joy
And the dad hugged his son, his precious boy
He knew the pain of a family splitting apart
But he vowed to never let that tear the two apart.

The story is a parable, about the struggles of a dad
And the extra stress he faces, when things go bad.
But the bond between a father and his son,
Is unbreakable, strong, and can never be undone.

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