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Dear President Chay


Dear President Chay,

You don’t know me, but I’m a huge fan of yours. I can’t quite remember when I first discovered your YouTube channel, but I’ve been an avid fan ever since, and check on a daily basis (manually) to see if you’ve posted new content.

My name is Aaron Plaat, I’m 35 years-old and a single Dad, entrepreneur and artist. I follow your channel for a variety of a reasons, but I wanted to write you to share with you a little bit about how your channel has made my life better.

One of my favorite things about your channel is that you show the other side of YouTube. Sometimes things fail, as they do on your channel. You take the failures in stride as much as possible, and I wanted to commend you on that.

I think it’s important that you share the up’s and down’s with your channel, because you help convey a clear picture of what it means to be a human. We’re not perfect (by nature) and all of us find different ways of expressing ourselves.

You’ve got a true gift for making videos, Chay. Your series on being homeless deserves an Emmy – though I think that an award like that looks cheap next to the integrity of your channel.

It meant a lot to me to see the episode you shot where you rode the eBike to your Dad. I lost my Dad 15 years ago to cancer, and have carried a lot of the pain of missing him, as his son, for years. As a single Dad, I’ve sometimes wondered how the relationship I’ll have with my son will be, and your story was a beautiful real-life example of how strong the bond is between Father and Son.

Side note – it looks like you’ve got an AWESOME Dad. I love that he’s been supportive, and included, in your videos. You can really see the guidance, instruction and wisdom he’s shared with his sons, because it’s evident in you two.

I can tell that you’re in the YouTube ring not for the fame, but because you sincerely want to make a difference and share yourself with the rest of the world. You’ve made a difference in my life, Chay. You’ve made it better.

If there’s anything I can ever to do assist you on your journey, I’d be thrilled to do so.

Keep it up.

Aaron Plaat

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