More than enough

It’s been nearly a decade since I purchased a copy of Dr. Seuss’s Oh, The Places You’ll Go! I opened the (used) copy of the book to see a handwritten letter on the inside of the book cover; written from one friend, to another, who was pursuing their dreams of becoming a Broadway star in the Big Apple.

Perhaps the recipient no longer needed the book after seeing their name in flashing lights on the crowded streets of New York City. I certainly hope that was the case. I was reminded of the book because it’s a book I read whenever I take a new step forward in life.

As my time in San Francisco comes to a close, I have experienced many bittersweet moments. These past few years have been so very rich with laughter, loved ones, and experiences that cannot be conveyed with words.

Were I to summarize these past few years to a simple few words, they’d be from my brother, Steve, at Burning Man:

“You are more than enough”

It’s an important walkaway because I moved to San Francisco with the mind set that I had something to prove to others, the world, myself, and family. I was trying to fill a void created largely by the passing of our father, in 2007.

It was my expectation that I’d move here, become successful in the tech industry, and then…finally then…would I be ‘good enough’ to look myself in the mirror. Instead, I found something more important than financial gain, an IPO, or bottle service; friendship.

San Francisco taught me that being a good friend is one of the most important qualities one can strive for, beyond financial gain or façades of power. I have loved…oh, how I have loved!

The past few years have been filled with opportunities to love the people I’ve met in San Francisco. Whether it was a morning conversation with Sister J, giving/receiving a massage, or keeping hot crowds cool with a fan while they danced, I have experienced the joy of giving love, even when it hurts.

The most important things in life aren’t the number of digits in your bank account (or BTC), but measured in the lives you’ve touched with your own an the priceless moments you share together.

At the end of the day, it’s all about the people you love, the moments you share, and your willingness to offer the best of your world to others, without judgment.

Photo by Zac Ong on Unsplash

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