watching clouds

When was the last time you stopped to watch the clouds?

My Opa had a way with his words. He was one of the most articulate and well-written men I’ve ever encountered. When he told a story, he would paint the conversation with vivid setting; placing you in the center of the story as the words fell from his mouth.

As I’ve gotten older, one of the skills I’ve learned to sharpen is the art of telling a story.

The first step in telling a good story is realizing not every story is a good one.

There are certain dead-end subjects, like accidents or medical ordeals, that often fall flat on receiving ears due to their subject matter.

The surprise, however, is always a story that piques the attention of those listening. There’s a subtle art to leading the direction of a story, only to drop in the appropriate plot twist that inspires your listeners to spit their drinks out.

Stories begin with imagination. So, I’ll ask again. When was the last time you stopped to watch the clouds?

The best way to cure the disease of millennial mindset is to let your imagination run free, rather than glued to another screen device, hell-bent on serving you highly-targeted advertising.

I’ve spent the last few weeks watching the clouds from the balcony. There’s been something incredibly cathartic about assigning a thought to a cluster of clouds and letting the mind process the subject at hand.

When you look at the clouds, you’re reminded that all things are in a constant state of change – including you, and me.

The best stories are full of plot twists. Life would be boring without them. Your story is far from over. In fact, it’s only just begun. I have to remind myself that all of  our stories are in various stages of development. We walk on yesterday’s uncertainty while remembering a faithful past.

Remember the beauty of your imagination. This ‘life’ thing is a beautiful miracle and we get to bask in it with every waking sunrise.

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