I am the problem

I am the problem.

It doesn’t take much sense to see the outside world and realize there’s something very, very wrong with our reality. Over 100 years have been spent preaching the virtues of capitalism, yet I have yet to see a world that exudes its supposed virtues with equality, fairness, and equal opportunity.

“I hope your iPhone doesn’t die while we do.” – sign petition to prevent cobalt mining

Earlier this year, I was alarmed to discover Apple’s use of cobalt – a vital component required for rechargeable batteries – originated from mines employing child labor.

For all of the moments I’ve been upset about a dead battery, I never stopped to realize children have died to put that battery in my phone.

“sustainable” resources shouldn’t rely on the backs of child labor in order to make it to your technology products.

Capitalism certainly won’t fix the living situations of these precious boys, as it’s proven it tirelessly expends human lives in exchange for money, power, control, and greed.

The only thing that will heal these issues is a change of behavior; converting consumer-driven habits and materialistic-driven identities to healthy choices that make the world better for the people you come in contact with. 

Awareness is a wonderful tool. I hope you’re now aware of the children who made it possible to read this blog and join me in finding sustainable resources that will heal our world.

Be the change you want to read about.

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