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I believe in a generational responsibility that each passing generation ought to try and somehow help the next generation(s) somehow do better than their predecessors. It’s commonly accepted that history, if not studied, will only repeat itself. Jewish persecution existed hundreds of years prior to the holocaust. Genocide has occurred within our young, twenty-something lifespan. Haven’t we learned anything?

Hatred, bitter violence, and racial persecution have occurred within the last century. It was only short years ago that “Colored” and “Whites” signs hung over prominent public areas. “For blacks only” once adorned the back of busses.

And here we are, the predecessors of generations that have accomplished great things, executed terrible things, and survived throughout battles, conflicts, and great divides.

There is a moment, however, where one generation must proclaim “Stop!” and put a halt to things which are going very wrong. Often, these individuals meet an untimely death at the end of a high-caliber bullet. Is it worth it?


I don’t even know where to start.


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