Cry Out


Sitting in bed, it dawned on me that the battlefield exit for a warrior is opposite the side of his/her entrance. Waking up to “I am a champion” as my alarm clock, I stepped out of bed with determination to make today one that will not soon be forgotten.

My prayer — LORD, may I grow one step closer to becoming the man I long to be, one day closer to becoming the successful individual I hope to be, and one one day stronger of being the man of God, character, and integrity that I need to be. Amen.

I’ve learned that life does not always present itself as an easy battle. In fact, there are many tests if character that present themselves as challenges. Will we fail?

These questions have been running through my mind as I ponder what it means to truly be a man. Sitting here, I’ve realized that much of my life could be categorized as little more than a grown up boy; minimal responsibility, zero dependents, and a buffet of life in front of me, though I’ve only eaten from the dessert bar and forsaken the main course. Grow up, Plaat.

This really dawned on me last week. After an enjoyable weekend, I quickly realized life is not going to pass by me a second time. In fact, it has been on the horizon for quite some time; rapidly advancing, quickly transforming from sunrise to a sunset. Both are beautiful. Neither last.

For a period of time, it was acceptable to live the way I did. However, I realize it is no longer acceptable to do so. My life must be in a continual state of advancement. Income goals? Check. Next, please. I would gladly go penniless if I knew my life maintained a strong purpose and was taking steps towards becoming like the above prayer. Wouldn’t you?

Sitting across the table, I realized just how much I crave to grow up. Sometimes you have to have a wake up call. When this happens, we usually hit snooze. Unacceptable.

Embarrassed. A 23 year-old who lacks purpose and place. Reviewing my resumé, I noticed there were a great deal of incredible projects I’ve had the opportunity to work on. However, they did not bring the success I had hoped for. That being said, they certainly presented learning experiences that will help the future events that do bring this success.

More or less, I dislike that most of my life is wholly superficial. Sure, there is a great heart and mind here, but I often feel these are not the image that is presented to others.

Never quit. Be the best version of yourself that you can be. If you become anything less than what you are capable of becoming, you have shortchanged yourself.

James 4:14

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