Healing Hands Pt. 2

My last blog was an introduction to the passion I’ve discovered for massage healing. It was really nice to jot down a few thoughts that I’ve wanted to share concerning the subject. Today’s entry is an extension of what I wrote, after being on the receiving end of a massage that would defy the senses.

Over the past two years, I’ve had the opportunity to provide hundreds of massages to friends, family, and complete strangers throughout my adventures. Somebody can always have their day made with a few minutes of your hands.

Last weekend, I gained a new appreciation for the type of healing massage therapy can provide, as I was the recipient of a three and a half-hour massage, given by my good friend, Sun Chaser, and several others who participated in a weekend retreat.

The massage was a journey that spanned all of my senses; physical and spiritual, in the most etherial way I can describe.

Massage is another way of saying “I love you” to the person receiving it. As the hours progressed, I began to experience a spiritual rebirth that came from years of tension being released.

Sun Chaser continued to work through my tense muscle groups, providing me with an experience that felt as if all of the massages I’ve given were rolled back into one single massage that I was then receiving. It was…inexplicable.

The massage took a sharp turn from relaxation/appreciation, to heavy grieving, as I began to feel the loss of my father. I met Sun Chaser two years ago, when he shared that he recently lost his father. With nearly ten years spanning the loss of Wim Plaat, I came to a point of grieving that I knew was shared deeply by Sun. The grieving was so intense that I bled from my nose. Sometimes pain comes from parts you didn’t know could hurt.

Sun Chaser’s response to the grieving was inexplicable. It was as if he knew exactly what to do as my sighs of relaxation transformed into weeping. Encountering such a profound experience of love from my friend was a reminder of how much I deeply miss the connection and time spent with my own father.

As the tears fell, I felt new hands on my body, arms, and feet. Several other friends took the opportunity to join in the massage and contribute to the healing that was taking place.

“I love you” was whispered into my ear as I watched salty tears fall into a puddle on the floor.

It was…rapturous.

There’s a verse in the bible that says faithful are the wounds of a friend. In that moment, I understood the meaning behind these words as he stepped in to my state of authentic vulnerability and lifted my spirit with his hands, patience, and strength.

When a friend is willing to comfort and provide you with healing in a moment of grief, they absorb the emotions and energy generated by your body/spirit during those times. For three and a half hours, Sun Chaser and I shared a moment of intense, divine love that helped both of us resolve the internal hurts we share as we both grieve the loss of our fathers.

In all of my 20+ years in a religious organization, nothing has ever come close to the spiritual experience I received last weekend on a massage table. It was as if the divine breached heaven/earth to provide 3.5 hours of unconditional love. I lack the words to properly describe the experience.

Today, I’m thankful to have witnessed, firsthand, such a profound experience. The love I received was so very beautiful…I hope you are able to experience something of this nature in your lifetime. It will change your life.

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