Heal Me

Here we are again. It feels just like the time where I sat down at the local Starbucks and contemplated the bittersweet moment of accomplishing something great, while clutching air when reaching for a hand to grasp in sharing the moment of victory. This is not Los Angeles. Quite possibly, I’ll be reaching a whole other milestone that I had previously set in my mind. We won’t know until the clock strikes December.

Ambition is cheap, friend. I’ve met countless ambitious individuals that do little more than waste air with their words. “I could tell immediately by talking to that man that he talks an excellent game, but he’s never built anything.” Wise words from my mentor, Nate Pingel.

It’s in these moments that people like Nate come to mind. When you know that you’re accomplishing something remarkable, one doesn’t want to spread that moment with casual acquaintances, but with people who really understand and get it. 

Sitting here, I cannot help but think of the great obstacles and distances that have been crossed to make the present possible. It’s remarkable.

One day at a time.

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