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It’s very easy to give advice to others. What’s most difficult is learning to take your own advice. On one hand, one almost wants to feel embarrassed for dishing something out that is a hard pill to swallow. On the other, one wonders whether or not the advice was true in the first place. Friend, I am in such a place.

Earlier in the evening, I played the role of conflict resolver by speaking to my younger sister, Julia, who was experiencing adolescent angst. Sitting by her feet as she tried to maintain a bad attitude, I remained patient as she seemed adamant on arguing with every point I had to make. Her bad attitude simply wouldn’t go away. Seeing opportunity on the shelf, I jokingly told her that if I didn’t see her crack a smile, I would pour water over her head. Not to be one-upped, she said “I wouldn’t do that if I were you…” “Oh yeah?” “Yeah….” “And why is that?” “Because I have 4 more bottles of water, and I’m closer to them than you are.”

The ensuing struggle was merciless. And I can assure you that after our playful wrestling, we were both covered in water. And, as the bottled water mixed with the dried tears on her face, she couldn’t help but muster out a smile. “Are you ready to come downstairs now?” “Yeah…ok.” And we walked downstairs.

Sometimes it takes getting a little uncomfortable (Or, in this situation, having three bottles of water dumped on your head) to find peaceful resolution. In situations like this, it’s worth it.

Live a little.

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