Flying Free

Today, I’d like to tell you a story you already know, about a character you’ve met, in a place you’ve been many, many times.

A few weeks ago, I was deep in meditation. The meditation was a visualization; taking you from relaxation to visualizing yourself as a bird soaring in the sky. As the guide spoke, she asked me to visualize myself as any bird I desired. Naturally, I thought it would be nice to be an eagle (or other bird of prey) that owned the skies.

Instead, I saw myself as a very small bird; barely capable of flying as an adult. In my right hand, there was still a baby feather that seemed to be fixed permanently to my wing.

Before moving here to SF, I was speaking to my brother from my patio. Glancing across the street, I noticed people stopping, looking down, then continuing their walk.

A bird flew from a tree, swooping down to the spot where others walked by. It continued to fly back to the tree, as the landing spot was squarely in the center of the garage entrance (it was a highrise).

Looking closely, I saw the ground move…a baby bird!

Rushing across the street, I rescued the bird with a small towel and placed it securely in a tub on my patio.

The following morning, I looked outside to see the bird, who I named “Jerry” being fed by his mother.

Weeks went by, and his mother continued to faithfully feed Jerry.

One day, Jerry was gone.

I searched the patio to see if he had fallen out of his box, but he was nowhere to be found.

A week later, I was watching TV and heard a small tap on the window – it was Jerry! He sat on my chair and tapped on the glass to get my attention.

Behind Jerry was his mother, patiently waiting on the rail for him to say “Thank you”

Jerry flew off, and so did I. The following weeks were to be the last I’d spend living in Dallas – my next journey was to be SF.

Coming full circle, I took flight in my meditation as the small bird that was overlooked by 4-5 bystanders.

Inside each and every one of us is Jerry. Perhaps it isn’t a small bird that needs to be picked from the street. All of us can relate to falling out of our nests – helpless – and receiving the nurture of somebody who brought us to life.

I never would have thought a small mockingjay would teach me such an important lesson about life, or put it into perspective in a special way.

However, we have reminders constantly around us, reminding us that we are no different than the birds of the air, fish of the sea, or single-cell organisms that we will never see with our eyes.

Fly free, Jerry.

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