As a child, I remember growing up in the christian church system. Some would view the setting as a fundamentalist arena. As I’ve grown older. it’s one that I’ve come to appreciate and learn from.

The church did an incredible job of showing what not to do with your life, yet often left me hanging when it came to practical application of faith principles.

The message behind the church was one that I stand on today, with full assurance in the heart (FAITH); there is a lot of darkness and broken spirits in the world.

As a young man, my mother would tell me that I would go to places others are afraid to go. This past year in SF has been application of that childhood mantra.

So, I took a journey down many roads that called my name. While there, I began to confront fears and darkness that I had previously closed off from my eyes/spirit.

I’ve searched for water that will quench my thirst, eternally. There are many things that distracted me from this hunt; success, recognition, drugs, spiritual pursuits, and pride.

As I’ve come to the end of many of these roads, I’ve seen one common thread; broken pieces are made whole through love.

“Christians have become so obsessed spreading their faith that they’ve forgotten the words of Jesus.”

From personal experience,  I can testify that many religious organizations are successful in providing structure that corrects many errant vessels. Myself, included.

What I have learned from the teachings of Jesus is that he wasn’t afraid to bridge the gap for those around him, with his words or his actions.

Where there was hurt – he was the help. When somebody felt unworthy – he was there to remind them that all are children of God.

The message Jesus gave to others was to turn their back on the rigid letters of the law they followed, and to replace it with a living example of the teaching.

I can’t think of any other reason why we are here, other than to show this type of love to all around us.

I’ve found that love is a force that accepts all, as they are, without waiting for them to come to the same level of understanding. We are the light, love, and flavor that all of us are seeking.

“If any any in Christ, he is a new creation. Old things are gone…”

Love one another, as you love yourself. There is no other way.

For years, I have wrestled with the concept of whether or not we human beings need a “savior” to right all of our wrongs.

What I do know is this – there is light and darkness in each corner we turn. Our job/mission in life is to continually seek the light and show it to those around us, in word and in deed.

As a man that has spent my entire life in some level of religious study, I do not claim to know the answer. All I know is that Love for others is the only source of fulfillment I have found on this planet. One cannot fully  love and accept an infinite God until they learn to first love self, others, and the all.

I do know that all of us are coming home. When we show love to others, we help them find their path as we stumble upon our own.

All of us are imperfect beings. I don’t know the identity of the love inside of me that gives life, love, and acceptance, but I want more of it.

My experience with the christian faith has led me to be very thirsty. However, when I think about the big picture of this life existence, my spirit resonates with the concept of a Creator that would pay the ultimate price to protect and love its Creations. That is the spirit I want to fill me to the brim.

It’s the spirit that would come to hold its dirty creator, embracing every hurt and break, without asking for recompense except to show this light to others.

When the vessel has become too dirty, one can only return home to the source. Christ is the only answer I have come to – whether that comes in form of consciousness, body, or spirit.

My definition of “Christ” is the notion of bridging the gap; standing in the path so others can see the light.

“Baruch haba ba’Shem Adonai

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