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As a writer, the way in which you process your life is a unique way of experiencing the world. You see people, experiences, and life events as a piece of artwork that may someday be conveyed through written word. Thus, you’re constantly translating your experiences into snippets that will later be unpacked.

I’ve been blogging since I was 12 years-old, yet never asked myself why I write. For me, these blogs are my own way of documenting life as it comes, while presenting the words for anybody that feels like reading them.

There’s a deep part of me that would like to someday publish a book. Yet, the inner student in me realizes  the path to being a teacher is still in the distance, even if it’s a simple book about authentic living.

Lately, I’ve been taking a look at the outside world and seeing the plethora of issues that seem to be plaguing the world. Fear propagates the media, there are fewer agreements and a greater number of barriers put up to understanding others. Compassion seems to be locked away in a corner. only to be let out when the giver feels ‘safe’ to step inside the experience of another. Love…seems to be getting thrashed and abused, rather than given and enjoyed. Freely.

I look at our divided country and wonder if…when things will improve. There seems to be a huge barrier between offices that have $800 chairs while working in a city that cannot take care of its homeless, sick, and poor. It feels dishonest.

This morning, I sat down with Sister J and enjoyed another morning conversation with her. Each day, she looks at me and implores her heart; “I don’t want you to become a hard man” as she reaches into her pockets to gift me with coins others have given her. As we parted ways this morning, she turned around and thanked me for the conversation, as well as told me that she loved me. I, too, love Sister J.

In another lifetime, there was a side of me that would be afraid to get to know (and love) somebody who is homeless. However, as the years have gone by and my understanding has increased, I realize it’s people like her that give life flavor, purpose, and meaning beyond the day-to-day grind.

“Why am I here?” has been a question I’ve pondered a lot lately. The only conclusion I can come to is that my purpose is to be love and somehow make the world a slightly better place than when I arrived.


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