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Watching people fall off of the proverbial ‘friends list’ of life has been something I’ve gotten more comfortable with as time has gone by. Not because my affection for others has fallen, but because I’m realizing how much more important values and integrity are than increasingly-less-valuable friendships that have had wedges put between them by time, distance, priorities, and a lack of things shared in common.

I recently had a situation with somebody that crossed a line of integrity I wouldn’t consider crossing. And I’ve had to make a cut from that person in my life, after giving them more than enough time to rectify the situation and do the right thing. No love lost. Rather, it is disappointment than somebody didn’t take advantage of multiple times to showcase their integrity.

That’s not the type of individual I want to be.

Integrity isn’t something that comes cheaply. In fact, it’s often much more costly to keep your word than it is to break it, though it’s usually more common to hear of the impending catastrophe that can occur when you break your word.

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