Bleeding Machines

The greatest tragedy is not that the mighty have fallen, but that there rise no others to take their place.

That thought struck me as I sat down this morning, thinking of the current state of our generation, religion, and sad excuse of the pursuit we claim to have for love. In Revelation, we are told that we live in a time where we have forgotten our “first love” being G-d and His son; living a lifestyle that truly resembles what it means to be a Christian, through loving our Father and those around us. We have also lost our second love. It is love, itself, that we have forgotten. There simply is no motivation to attain greatness, in any respect, anymore.

Why apply effort to a career when your compensation is disbursed as criminal ransom, only to be hated by those who see you reaping the benefit of a lifetime of hard work? Why pursue true love in another, when statistics tell us that 50% of married couples will reach the climax of divorce? Why live a life of upholding morality and dignity when you live in a world full of pigs?

αρκετά! αρκετά! αρκετά!

So it begins. So it ends. This is where it starts. This is where it ends. What makes me sick is that I’ve observed, firsthand, many others who simply turn a blind eye to the sickness of our world, without giving any sort of indication they care.

If you don’t understand what it means to love yourself, pursue your ambitions, and have a direct connection with your Heavenly Father, how do you ever expect to be able to devote your heart to somebody else when you have never even found it for yourself? No wonder our divorce rate is as high as it is.

Regardless, if we rely…if I rely on others to act prior to making a decision, the decision will never be made. Enough.

I was slapped with a very shocking revelation, this month, which hit like a ton of bricks. Looking only upward and inward, I’m determined to make steps towards the start of my life. Singular.

One of my greatest frustrations come from conversations about marriage/relationships. Speaking to others, they hear I have no interest in being in a relationship/marriage, at which point they assert “Well, maybe you’ll find this realization later in life!” I realized the asset of marriage is viewed as the most important goal, primarily in those in the Christian church, of life. And that this #1 goal for others is not shared by me.

Perhaps I ought to turn the tables on them? “Well, now that you’re married, perhaps you can discover who you really are” or perhaps “Now that you’re married, how about working on making that first million. Eh, champ?”

I don’t force my goals down the throats of others, or imply that my choice to pursue them is somehow more noble than others. I simply know what I want and am willing to work for it. Everybody ought to do the same in their own right.

I am happy. I am content. I was masterfully created by the hands of our Heavenly Father, who has a strong plan, will, and path for my life. These hands of mine are nothing, other than to be good stewards with what I’ve been given and have the potential to do. As long as they find their way to work, make money, and better the lives of others as I pursue my goals, I do not find it necessary, or desired, for them to be filled with that of another. We all have a mountain to climb. We receive the most criticism from those who are still on the ground.

That will be all.

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