Black Dots


Life presents many situations that can be won by pure thought, intelligence, and careful choices. However, and this is a “however” that breaks my heart, there are also situations where logic and reasoning simply cannot be put to use. Another puzzle piece to fall through my fingers and I know she is forever gone. A phone call announced the defiant thud of a bible hitting the bottom of a trash can. The sparrow appears before the tears can fall. Standing in the kitchen, I held onto the counter as recent events sunk deep into my heart. A rusty tent stake would have hurt less.

Deep in our hearts, we secretly hope the fairy tale will come true. When no one watches, we glance into the sky to see if our hero is coming through the air. We watch movies to remind us that good triumphs evil and love always wins. Doesn’t it? The credits roll and our lives are the lights are brought up on reality. Harsh. Cold. Cruel. Breathe it in, champ. The hero exists only if you let him/her wake up in the morning. The arms of the champion can be raised in the air, if only we’d put them to use. The princess triumphantly marches out of the castle with her champion, if only he hadn’t met his untimely death while in the arms of another, less deserving princess. And there she remains.

I may never be able to fully encapsulate the moments of uproarious laughter or instances of euphoric joy through my writing. Those were not meant to be read about, but experienced firsthand. I may not be able to fully describe the whirlwind of thoughts to have gone through my mind this weekend, but these are better to be read than experienced.

Cold eyes and a harsh voice announce the cruel death of another happy story. Happily ever never would never sell.

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