Sometimes you blink and wake up to find the day has gone by without notice. Other times, you blink and realize the past 8-9 months of your life have rushed past you at breakneck speed. One thing that has remained constant in the past year is the mentality that ‘every day gets better’.

I was in my thinking spot – the shower – and it dawned on me that I would be grateful to have my father back for a moment, even if it meant we were to get in a vehement argument. In the same token, I thought about what constitutes a ‘good’ day from a ‘bad’ day. I’ve had many hands dealt me in the past few months; some good, some bad. However, the result is that I am consciously aware of every minute that’s passed by, and I can use it as education and preparation for the future.

Thus, I really do believe that every day gets better. Every moment we have to live on this earth is a treasure and a gift.

The biggest paradigm shift I’ve discovered is that we can always give. As a consumer-driven society, we believe the lights go dark when we aren’t able to get what we want; time, money, relationships, and life events can get in the way of our ‘dreams’ that are often little more than selfish wants. Even in the moments where you have no resources to get – you will always have the ability to give to others.

While it isn’t exactly the time to pull the hood back on the past few months and share the war stories of tuna salad and lean bank accounts, I can confidently stand by the fact that I’ve given selflessly during this time, with every resource I’ve been gifted with. In times where it would seem smart to conserve and tighten the hatches, I’ve found great joy and peace by pushing the limits of what I’m able to do for others.

In a weird sort of way, it’s as if you’ve found a money tree. Only instead of being the sole recipient, you are able to pour out to countless people in ways that can’t be measured by a price tag.

In between bites of tuna salad, which I’m quickly learning to resent and despise – I can loudly proclaim that I feel richer than I’ve ever felt in my entire life…with tangible assets that will never depreciate; family, love, laughter, time, gratitude, joy and peace.

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