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Driving around, I noticed we live in a wonderful place. The United States of America is utterĀ opulence compared to many of the other nations of the world. For the first time in quite awhile, I felt a tinge of embarrassment. Embarrassment that this wonderful place I am blessed to call “home” has fallen to the back of mind appreciation; lost amidst thoughts of consumerism and pure selfish greed.

I do not complain about others, nor do I feel the necessity to point a finger at anybody other than myself. I’m a selfish, consumer-driven individual that will never be satisfied, nor do I desire to be satisfied. Inside of me, deep within the depths, lies a wound that secretly enjoys the never-satisfied nature of my spirit. And I am deeply embarrassed.

How much is enough? 16GB was not enough for my iPad, so I had to get 32GB, a $100.00 premium. Leather smartcase? $69.00. Car? Clothes? Food? I can get full on just a few dollars spent on food. And yet, it is not uncommon for me to spend over $20-30 on a meal. How many is enough? Three pairs of Oakley sunglasses are on my desk, and I just ordered a fourth.

Embarrassed. Something has to change.

Nothing wrong with working hard and enjoying the fruits of labor. I will be the first to admit this. However, I’m discovering that I have been feeding an appetite that will never be quenched.


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