Two years ago, I was sitting on my couch in Dallas, wondering what the next chapter of my life would contain. I was anticipating a trip to NYC, followed by a new opportunity in San Francisco. I had been self-employed for 8 years, and was well accustomed to the unknown. This time around, it felt like a new adventure.

Two years later, I’m reflecting on the incredible adventure living in San Francisco has been. These past two years have been filled with laughter, celebrations with champagne, and a newfound depth in my family relationships.

I’ve learned that life favors the people who plan and execute far more than those who daydream and fantasize. There’s a world of opportunity for people who live in the United States; a home for everything but excuses.

Good habits tend to bring their friends to the party.

Along with planning, I’ve learned the value of strong (and clear) communication. The Plaat family has always done a great job communicating with each other, something I am grateful for. We’ve been able to resolve a lot of issues, while growing closer as a family of friends, simply through regular communication with each other.

A good rule of thumb is to spend one hour of your time communicating with the ten most important people in your life, daily. It’s a pretty simple rule to follow that’s helped me stay in touch with loved ones.

Clear communication pairs best with solid personal boundaries. A lot of my friendships here in SF have taught me the importance of establishing, and abiding by, personal boundaries that define your respect for others – and yourself.

The next few weeks bring new adventures, with many reminders of the incredible chapter my time in SF continues to be.

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