Reality Check


Recently, there was a couple driving through a city on vacation. They were leisurely driving along when suddenly, their car rear ended the car driving in front of them, which abruptly stopped in the middle of traffic.

As most would do in this scenario, they pulled to the side of the road and got out to survey the damage. Their bumper had a slight scratch, while the driver in front of them had a small dent in theirs.

“My Rolls Royce! My Rolls!” The other driver exclaimed.

Confused, the couple wondered what the driver was talking about. The driver was a mechanic, and he could tell just by sight that they had hit a 2002 BMW 330Ci, which had a street value of about $4,000.

Enraged, the driver demand that they reimburse him for the cost of a Rolls-Royce bumper, or have their insurance company send him a check.

“You damaged my Rolls Royce!” He said. “I DEMAND compensation for my vehicle!”

By this time, a small crowd had gathered around the two cars, given the amount of noise the driver was making.

Trying to sort things out, the mechanic asked the other driver to explain why he believed he had a Rolls Royce – a car that can cost upwards of half a million dollars.

Livid, the driver pointed to the hood of the car, where he had superglued a Rolls Royce hood ornament to the front of the car.

“It’s a Rolls Royce now” he said. “And by my estimate, the damage you caused my bumper is about $25,000. How do you want to pay?”

“You can’t be serious.” The mechanic said.

“Yes, I am.” He affirmed.

“I demand that I talk to your insurance company” the enraged driver yelled.

So, the mechanic picked up his phone and called the insurance company. Being as progressive as they were, the insurance company was able to do a quick video call to assess the damage, as well as look at both vehicles.

“This man says this is a Rolls Royce” the mechanic explained.

Quickly, the insurance adjuster explained to the angry man that despite his beautiful hood ornament, the make and model of the car had not changed – simply the accessories he chose to use. Thus, the insurance company would be responding to the claim using the make and model that was given to the vehicle at the time it was manufactured.

End scene. 

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