Quarter life

With another birthday in my 30’s coming at the end of the month, I’ve been thinking a lot about my life. The reflections haven’t been easy; often, feeling more like a quarter-life crisis than recollection of joys and accomplishments.

When I go back to my inner child and ask them what they wanted to accomplish by 30, it looks a lot different than the life I have now. Reality is so much more different than the life I thought I’d have at the age of 30.

These days, I wake up and see a cat who wants nothing more than to cuddle for one more press of the snooze button…and that’s perfectly fine with me.

Somewhere in my late 20’s, I figured out that happiness is more like a dance than a trophy mount. There wasn’t any single action I could have done in my life that would have permanently impacted my happiness. E.g. marriage, buying a house, living in utopia, etc.

Rather, happiness has hidden itself through the day-to-day grind; appearing in the places I’d least expect it to appear. Peace presented itself with people, like Sister J, who reminded me to see the silver lining in every sky.

If you can see a silver lining in the clouds, then grab that glimmer and make it your rainbow.

I’ve found peace through radical acceptance of my life. Have things been perfect? Absolutely not. More often than not, I’ve been far more of a train wreck than the Superman I aspire to be. In spite of the broken pieces, I can start to see a picture of my life emerging that is beautiful and worth fighting for.

The real lesson behind Superman is that he was saved by the people he was destined to protect. It was love, not kryptonite, that broke the Man of Steel and made him wonderful.

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