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For over a decade, I’ve coined the phrase “I’m interested in being correct. If it takes being wrong to get there – so be it.”

I think that mentality is really the only way that you can ever discover the truth, given that you aren’t inherently born with a clear-cut truth. Rather, it’s a pursuit that you ought to spend your entire life pursuing in every way possible.

There’s a big conflict going on overseas, and I decided to do a little digging about the history of the land of Israel. For the last few years, I’ve had the belief that the Israelites simply stole the land from the Canaanite’s who were living there. Yet, something told me to look a little further.

If you want a concise (and accurate) summary, please watch this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b9kj-h1w2tA&ab_channel=TheRealHistoryofIsrael

In the 1700’s (B.C.) Abraham was born, and he settled into the land we now know as Israel.

Fast-forward to 1500BC, and Joseph is sold into slavery.

1400BC – the Hebrew people are enslaved by the Egyptians.

1300BC – Moses leads the people out of Egypt

1200BC – The Israelites arrive back in Israel, taking the land from the Cananites.

Note: I used to think about the way the Israelites took this land back as somewhat of a problem. Yet, when I learned that the Canaanites routinely practiced child sacrifice, I asked myself how I would feel if I were a Canaanite child; I’d welcome being integrated into the Israelite tribe if it meant I got to live, instead of having a knife driven into my heart and offered to a stone statue.

1000 BC – David is crowned King of Israel, taking the land in a “Winner Takes All” fight against the Philistines, who came from the Island of Crete, and who had also settled into the land we now know as Israel.

How did he do it? Remember that story about David and Goliath? That’s how.

Let’s fast-forward a bit.

The Romans conquered the land of Israel (several times) and decided to give the land a name that would be a mockery to the Israelites.

400-500 BC – the land is called “Palestine” by the Romans.

I share this timeline because I think there are a few really, really important facts – and I welcome any counter point of view that’s able to provide similar facts – because the land that is being fought for now was originally occupied by the people now known as Israelis.

Said differently – they are the indigenous people of that land. They aren’t occupiers. They aren’t an apartheid state. They have the rightful place to this land.

Who are the Palestinians? Arabs. Egyptians. Iraqis.

There was never a Palestinian people/tribe. That’s a fact.

Here’s another fun fact: Rome named the land “Palestine” 500 years before the birth of Islam, and Mohammeds armies didn’t step foot in Jerusalem until 5 years after his death.

See, I don’t think many people want to hear these facts. But that’s what they are. Facts. And I share them because I think it’s time to see this situation for what it really is, and take a cold, hard look at the historical facts that cannot be denied.

In 2005, Israel withdrew from the Gaza Strip under one condition: That there would be peace.

What happened? Rockets immediately started pounding Tel Aviv. This doesn’t sound like peace to me.

Suicide attacks became commonplace. I recently sat with a man who lost one of his employees in a suicide attack. This woman had a family and was blown to smithereens while eating at a cafe. Her body was so mutilated her own family couldn’t identify her.

If there is to be peace in the land of Israel, Hamas cannot continue to operate in the Gaza Strip, and must be eradicated.

Hamas fights a cowards war. They use suicide bombers, children as human shields (LINK) and set up their command centers in hospitals, schools and places of worship. These are also facts, and if they make you uncomfortable, I would encourage you to do your research before taking their side.

Today, after many years of living in the dark, I feel a sense of peace because I finally know the full truth behind the propaganda that is being dispersed through the media.

There is no ‘genocide’ of the Palestinian people. Over 5,000,000 people live there and the body count has been less than 30,000 – many of which died because of actions Hamas took – e.g. setting up their command centers in hospitals.

This is not a genocide. This is a fight to remove a terrorist organization that if left unchecked, will continue to propagate its terror not only in the land of Israel, but all across the world.

Simply put: If Israel wins this fight, you will see an end to suicide bombers, blind rocket attacks aimed at civilian homes, and there will be peace.

If Hamas wins, expect to see suicide attacks happen not only in the land of Israel, but in the United States.

I stand with Israel.


If you don’t, you aren’t a humanitarian. You’re a supporter of terrorists, and are a clear example of how the media twists its lies. If you can debate my facts with counter points of view, please do so. I’d welcome a fact-based opposition.

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