Last week, I took Atlas to a trampoline park. As we walked in the door, I noticed a sign on the front that stated it was prohibited to carry a firearm on the premises.

I felt so safe knowing that a potential shooter would see this sign and obediently turn around to find a new business location to conduct a mass shooting. After all, the sign said that it was against the law to carry a gun in that building, so naturally it’s safe to assume that a would-be shooter would follow the rules.

Right? Wrong.

Over the years, I’ve seen a lot of expressions from both sides of the political parties. However, what both sides have to agree with is that criminals do not follow the law. 

Gun control laws don’t stop mass shooters, or the thugs on the street who now spray police officers with fully automatic Glocks.

Let’s talk about that.

When and how did Glocks become fully automatic? Well, it’s pretty simple.

There’s a very small device, about the size of a penny, that can be 3D printed at home, which will then convert any Glock handgun into a fully automatic machine gun.

Naturally, the government wanted to restrict these devices as soon as they heard about them. So, they imposed the threat of a 10 year (give or take) prison sentence to anybody caught with one of these devices.

In 2017, about 200 of these devices were found in our nation. In recent years, over 200 of these devices have been pulled from the streets of Dallas, TX alone.

A recent shipment of over 50,000 ‘switches’ were confiscated, from China, and they are just one of many, many shipments that have arrived across our borders to make our streets less safe.

To anybody that has a working brain, do you see the issue here? Gun laws aren’t stopping criminals from putting these devices on their pistols, and as a result, our police force is now immediately outgunned when they try to stop crime.

Most of the guns on the street aren’t registered, which means that even in the event of a nationwide gun crackdown, the authorities have absolutely no way of knowing what guns are on the street and in the hands of criminals.

Austin, Texas, recently issues a public safety announcement – suggesting that those who were robbed at an ATM should dial 3-11, rather than 911, and speak to a ‘safety ambassador’ about their experience, rather than calling an officer.

In San Francisco, Police will not respond to crimes even as they are happening.

Oakland has experienced a wave of lawlessness. Their response? They proudly unveiled an initiative to fund $1m of “Community ambassadors” and put 8 foot patrol officers on the streets.


Eight foot patrol officers are supposed to somehow make a difference in a city where things like this happen on a daily basis.

What you’re seeing in that video is called a ‘sideshow’ and it’s one of the latest ways the thugs running the streets are flexing their muscle against the authorities.

Want to know how to stop sideshows? Well, it costs about $75 and they’re called “Bott Dots” and they’re installed in the center of intersections. Problem solved.

So, why isn’t Oakland spending $75 to install bott dots at every intersection, when this is a very readily available solution?

That’s a good question.

If they authorities in charge aren’t taking simple preventative measures that are effective in actually stopping crimes, why should you trust them when they want to take your guns away?

Taking guns away from good people who know how to use them properly, safely and under the right circumstances, is not the effective way to stop mass shootings or gun violence.

Simply put:

If you make a law that seeks to ban guns, the only thing it will accomplish is taking guns away from law-abiding citizens. Those interested in mass shootings or carrying weapons illegally will continue to do so, regardless of a gun law.

You have a right, obligation and a duty to protect yourself as well as your loved ones. You also have a responsibility to get the training you need in order to protect yourself. The police aren’t going to do it – not these days, anyway.

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