Ever Lasts

I’ve noticed that life seems to offer a strange ability for us to discover our own personal resurrection and rebirthing, should we be willing to try and pick ourselves up from where we have fallen. Few things are more refreshing than a fresh opportunity, idea, or individual. While it’s a rare occurrence for many of these things to pan out, I can’t complain very much about that fact.

See, if life were to have gone as I would have planned it, I would probably not be sitting here. One of my favorite stories from my mother is the instance where her father took their family out to ice cream. “I want a vanilla ice cream cone” she stated, while the other kids simply said “Surprise me, dad.” The father returned to the table with a tray full of elaborate sundaes, and one vanilla ice cream cone. How often are we guilty of doing the same exact thing? I certainly am.

I’m learning to avoid trying to plot and plan the future, as the present times have been much more enjoyable than those victim to careful planning. If you were to hand me a paintbrush, I doubt that I’d be able to paint a very beautiful sunset. Why do we think we can somehow better paint our lives with a daytime planner?

California is proving to have been a wonderful move. The area, opportunity, and people here are fantastic. I’m incredibly happy here.

Short and sweet. Not much time to write.

Surprise me, Dad.

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