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I’ve had the privilege of living a safe, protected life. When I was little, I grew up in a safe neighborhood; free of worry from violence, absent of gunshots at night and I never had to worry about harm. That same safety net has been with me for most of my life, and I have […]

In my life, I’ve had the privilege of meeting many people from backgrounds, cultures, races and beliefs that are very different from mine. At first glance, anyway. When you get to know somebody, you quickly begin to see a lot more similarities than differences and that’s what strengthens the bonds of a relationship. Ever since […]

In January, I had several vivid dreams about the month of September. Down to the words I said in various conversations, I remember the dream vividly. It wasn’t a pleasant one. Then, I lived it all in September – hoping as each day passed that the dream was ‘just a dream’ but it wasn’t. I […]

Well, it happened. I turned 36, which makes me ‘well into’ my 30’s, rather than at the entrance of them. While I normally write a blog on my actual birthday, many of the attempts I made to jot down my thoughts didn’t come through clearly, or they were blended too much with negativity, and I […]

Last night, I fell asleep thinking about a quote from a movie I watched as both child and adult – Ben Hur.  There are a lot of things I appreciate about this movie, which I easily consider to be the greatest movie of all time. I’ve watched the film countless times, and each time has brought me something […]

For most of my life, I’ve struggled to put a harness on my rampant ADHD. In my 20’s, I looked to prescriptions to try and ‘fix’ my attention span; seeking to put a chemical harness on my mind in order to steer it. That didn’t work. I tried all of them. Ritalin, startera, vivance, adderall, […]

I can’t remember where I first heard it, but there’s some sort of mantra that goes something like this: “Behind every difficult scenario is an unseen advantage, or opportunity.” It was probably from the likes of Napoleon Hill. There’s a lot of wisdom in that statement. For example, it implies a level of depth and […]

Last week, I took Atlas to a trampoline park. As we walked in the door, I noticed a sign on the front that stated it was prohibited to carry a firearm on the premises. I felt so safe knowing that a potential shooter would see this sign and obediently turn around to find a new business location […]

When you party a lot, you’ll notice that a lot of experiences in your life begin to look like an exclamation (!) point. Every new experience, substance or moment somehow brings a new twist on this exclamation point, and you find yourself chasing more of these experiences. That’s how the addictive cycle starts – and […]

Recently, I was explaining to a friend of mine some of the experiences I’ve had as a single dad, as well as a few of the challenges. Most of the work you do is largely done without any sense of gratitude or recognition from your child – and it can often wear you down if […]

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