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Over five years ago, I found myself in a place more unique than any of my experiences. One of my favorite parts of traveling is experiencing sights, sounds, and tastes that deviate from my normal routine. Yet, this was no country. It was a city that sprung to life, and vanished, in less than one […]

In 1980, the world watched as a legend came to the end of his career. Muhammad Ali, having dominated the sport of boxing, was defeated by his former sparring partner, Larry Holmes. By the end of the 10th round, Ali was little more than a punching bag for Holmes; who continued to throw punches at […]

“Just write…” my blog prompts me, as it closes out every other window with blank white space, just waiting to be written in. In some ways, I begin to understand how an artist must feel prior to beginning a portrait; the realization that what they are able to do could one day be great. There’s […]

“I’d hold you up to say to your mother, “this kid’s gonna be the best kid in the world. This kid’s gonna be somebody better than anybody I ever knew.” And you grew up good and wonderful. It was great just watching you, every day was like a privilige. Then the time come for you […]

One of the things I’m learning about being in a city without any of my closest friends or family nearby, is that many moments that long to be shared with these people are left hanging in newly-realized solitude. No high five to clap. No chests to bump. No affirmation for accomplishment. Unfortunately, I am coming […]

Dr. Seuss remains one of my all-time favorite authors, continuing to encourage and provide guidance as life takes yet another step forward on this journey of life. One of my favorite possessions is a copy of “Oh, The Places You’ll Go!” a story, which ought to be read by every graduating student, individual questioning the […]

Note from Aaron: This was a bit of a breather from the usual blog posting. It came to mind after thinking about the “Ode to Nice Guys” and general critical thinking against the overly-charismatic-christian movement of “nice guy syndrome”. Critical? Absolutely. Entertaining? You be the judge! -AP Nice Guys Finish Last Recently, I read an […]

“Aaron, be where you are.” This was the advice I received from my older brother; counseling me on my current frustration with where I was in life. as nothing seemed to be going the way I had anticipated, with the conclusions I had hoped for being quite far from ever happening. At the time, I […]