Happy New Year, Aaron. It’s time for another year, with the opportunity to have a new beginning, sense of motivation, and desire to make sure 2011 is somehow different than 2010. 2010, without doubt, was a very challenging year for me. As I think about all of the changes that have occurred, my mind cannot help but become boggled. 365 days ago, I opened my eyes to the sight of a comfortable Upper West Side apartment in New York City. While I don’t have an exact number, I’m pretty sure the price tag of that location was flirting with the $1-1.5m mark. Bliss. It was the opportunity to start off a new year with a change and transition that would alter the course of my life.

At the outset of last year, I walked into it knowing the year would prove to be a testing ground for me. When spending time in prayer, I heard distinctly that “fire” would be the theme for that year. All IHOP aside, “fire” is miserable. Fire is the way one refines gold, by scorching out all impurities present in the material. For me, this was not a fun experience, as I walked through several situations that made me want to give up. This year, I feel the tune is to do things differently. That being said, let’s get into this. This was a completely unnecessary introduction.

In order to have a different outcome from the previous year, I’m going to have to approach it differently, across the board; all actions will have to be played out differently and my mindset must become more goal-oriented and driven towards accomplishing specific things, rather than simply attempting to survive. There are a few ways this can take place. However, I don’t feel like writing them. Happy New Year, champ.[/protected]

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