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For years, I’ve heard the debate against those who believe in absolute truth, which has sought to make their position somehow seem totalitarian or hateful when it conflicts with the viewpoints of those who believe truth somehow has a gradient.

There are some fundamental truths in our world that cannot be denied, no matter how hard you try to fight them. For example, walking outside on a rainy day, sans umbrella, is going to get you wet if you stand in the rain long enough. No measure of ‘identifying as dry’ will keep your clothes from getting soaked.

What I’ve found interesting over the years is that those who seek to destroy objective truth from the world eventually end up boxing themselves in with their own arguments.

Let’s take abortion, for example. Since men can become women, and women can become men (or so the left says) I feel like I’m fully qualified to speak on this matter, something that the feminist movement has attempted for years to block men from voicing their opinion on.

Now, if you watch the news, you’ll see it’s become the popular thing to say ‘men can get pregnant’ – and as such, I think it’s finally time that I offered my opinion on subjects like this, because I have a lot to say on this matter – as a future mother if I play the same deck of hands the wokes play.

Let’s pause on that for a moment and talk about car accidents, my period is starting and I need to switch gears for a second while I track down some chocolate.

When you drive, it’s a legal requirement to have car insurance. Why? In the event that you cause an accident, you are legally required to have the insurance policy required to pay for the damage, medical expenses and other costs incurred from your accident. This isn’t optional and if you drive without insurance, you can be charged with a hefty fine, loss of your license and even jail time.

Atlas shouldn’t have car insurance at this age, given that he can’t even reach the gas pedals. It’d be silly for me to buy him a car and toss him the keys, though I’m sure he would absolutely want to drive it – and probably try to…

Car accidents are a lot like pregnancies. In a lot of cases, they aren’t planned. However, a pregnancy doesn’t happen by accident and it certainly can’t happen without two parties having sex. I don’t know anybody who got pregnant because they masturbated, either.

I’d like to remind you that I’m fully qualified to talk about pregnancy, abortion and pro-choice topics – because men can get pregnant now. Or so they say.

OMGawd. Ben and Jerry’s IS good. Really. Really. Good.

As a parent that can now identify as both Dad and Mom of my son (or so they say) I have a few things to say about sex, pregnancy and abortion.

First of all, having sex isn’t a human need. You can function very well without having it, and many in the academic would would even go so far as to argue that you can function better without having it. Displacement theory, for example, suggests that abstaining from sex turns on other parts of your life in overdrive – such as your creative function.

Now, I’m one of the brave mothers that actually went so far as to become one, rather than choosing to abort Atlas. I cannot imagine what life would be like without him, either. I truly can’t.

While I’ll forever miss the bond we shared while I “chest fed” him, it’s been amazing to watch him grow up into his toddler years.

I know a lot of other birthing persons that argue violently to have abortion rights. As a potential birthing person, I’m adamantly arguing against abortion rights, and I feel very qualified to speak on this matter now that I’m able to get pregnant.

I’ll make it really simple; instead of arguing for the right to suck out the brains of a baby before they have the chance to take their first breath, why not stop having sex? It’d certainly make things a lot simpler.

By now, I’m sure that I’ve infuriated a few people who have gotten this far in the blog. And I write it to illustrate a point about what happens when you take objective truths and try to make them entirely subjective, or interchangeable.

Why is it that woke activists aren’t concerned that there are more black babies aborted in New York than black babies that make it to birth? I think that’s a cause worth protesting. Yet, it doesn’t happen.

The older I get, the more I realize that the woke agenda is not only full of holes, but it carelessly ejects its supporters along the way when the ever-changing principles fail to align with each other.

There is a tremendous amount of peace, clarity and calm that occurs when you decide that it’s the right thing to do the right thing and stop trying to make fundamental truths a one-size-fits-all-and-everybody in our society.

If you’ll excuse me, it’s time for a MANicure.

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