The Brotherhood

There’s a saying in the scriptures about brothers; behold how good and how blessed it is for brothers to dwell together in unity. Brotherhood has been an important part of my life since I was a young boy – growing up with three brothers. They were my friends, enemies, allies, and confidants as a child. As we all grew up, the roles evolved as we grew into our character.

In college, Mark and I befriended a fellow student at OSU. Travis and I were in a class together and eventually became workout partners. The three of us bonded through a mutual love of workouts, binge eating, faith, and Spartacus. We looked to each other for strength, support and motivation.

Those days were legend. Not a week went by where we didn’t push ourselves to reach new goals at the gym; lifting tons of iron and screaming while breaking new records. I remember watching Mark leg press 1,500lb of weight. The entire gym could hear him roar.

It was a really special time in all of our lives. We were ‘pre-launch’ in our adult lives and made our best efforts to be men of character, integrity, strength and grit.

Years went by, and we all went our separate ways. Travis joined the CPD as an officer. He’s the best damn policeman I’ve ever met and is a fearless presence on the streets of Columbus. Mark joined the Navy and has become quite successful in his government career. I left Ohio and found success in my own measure.

Throughout the years, we’ve continued to stay in touch and support each other, no matter how far the distance between us.

I’ve met a lot of interesting and wonderful people in my life. Yet, ‘the brotherhood’ has remained one of my closest relationships, because we’ve carried each other through time when weak, while cheering each other on as we fight out way to the finish (or a knockout).

This morning at the gym, I heard some familiar voices while working out.


Travis and Mark, cheering me on (in my mind) while I pumped iron. It was a reminder that the iron never lies – while the people you love most will never leave you or your spirit.

Today, I’m especially thankful to have strong men of integrity in my life that know what it means to go the distance and take each day on like a new battle.

We are all gods this night.


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