fire burning on the road with high rise buildings during daytime photography

“Give me liberty, or give me death!”

A man once wrote those words. Patrick Henry, one of the Founding Father’s of our country (that name would be cancelled today) who helped give birth to what is the United States of America.

It is one thing to be united, while another thing to be free. In 2023, our country offers neither of these.

We are not a united people. Even our states cannot get along with each other, and nobody seems to mind.

In the United States, we have enjoyed the freedom of speech for hundreds of years – until now, where you can find yourself behind bars for issuing a tweet. It will not be very long until you go to bars for misgendering the man with a beard at Starbucks, who demands you call him a woman because he’s wearing mascara – as we now see in Canada. That same employee will deny you your employee discount if you try to identity as one on the spot. Apparently that doesn’t fly…

In war, it’s a lot easier to fight your enemy when you distract them with battles that don’t matter.

Our country is sending hundreds of billions of dollars to another country so they buy military equipment from companies owned by our senators – and nobody seems to care because they’re too interested and concerned about the lives of a few elites who took a death trap to the bottom of the ocean.

Nobody tuned in because they cared for the lives of those involved. The coast guard didn’t expend millions of taxpayer dollars to for the rescue mission because they thought they had a chance – no vehicle in the world could have rescued those people.

No. They did it because people were watching, and the government needs to have a diversionary tactic while they systemically dismantle the foundation of our country, national budget, education system and dollar.

And the American people bought in. Hook, line and submarine.

If people cared about human life, they would flock to Kensington – where the streets have turned into a humanitarian crisis on our own border.

But – they don’t. Instead, they’re unfurling Ukrainian flags on their front lawn and feeling really good about themselves.

Happy Independence Day, America. You used to have it. Now, you’ve been sold to the highest bidder…and the cycle will repeat itself infinitely.

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